Wireless devices lead to depression and infertility

Every year, about two percent of men on the planet become infertile. And most of them are avid fans of various gadgets: computers, mobile phones and wi-fi. This was stated by the researcher of the Sahlgrena Academy in Gothenburg Sarah Tome.

In the course of the study, scientists were also able to establish a relationship “between regular sitting in front of a computer late at night and problematic sleep and depressive

Upset woman is looking in pregnancy test. Frustrated man is sitting next to her.

symptoms in both men and women,” emphasizes Sara Thome. This conclusion is also confirmed by the staff of the University of Malaga, who found that microwaves in large quantities increase the chances of developing depression by 40 times. They were able to prove that electromagnetic radiation from technical innovations affects the brain by suppressing the production of melatonin, a hormone that determines whether a person is happy or not. Sarah Tohme made her own conclusions on the basis of a survey in which 4.1 thousand people took part, as well as data from a survey of 32 of the most active users of information and communication technologies.

Skilled engineers not only confirm the research results, but also say that wireless game consoles and microwave ovens cause exactly the same damage. According to engineer Alasdair Phillips, an experienced engineer, the problem is not the presence of radio waves, but that there are too many of them today. “In addition, the radiation from them is not constant, but pulsed,” he notes, “and short and frequent “bursts” cause more harm than stable radiation.”

This was confirmed by representatives of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. In a study sponsored by leading mobile phone manufacturers, scientists determined that talking on a mobile phone, playing games or sending SMS before bedtime worsens the quality of sleep, and it takes much longer to fall asleep.

Interphone conducted a study in 13 countries on the relationship between mobile phone use and the development of brain tumors. According to them, those who for ten years intensively used a cell phone and wireless Internet were twice as likely to suffer from glioma https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glioma, the most common type of brain tumor.

After that, the Swiss insurance company Swiss-Re has already told mobile operators that it does not intend to pay them compensation for claims of customers affected by radiation. According to insurers, this is the most common insured event in recent years.

The sad thing is that, for example, in the United Kingdom, sales of mobile phones bring in more than 20 billion pounds sterling annually in taxes. Therefore, the development of this industry is beneficial, despite the obvious harm to human health.