Fifth and sixth blood groups discovered

It turns out that blood is divided into six groups, and not four, as previously thought. This conclusion was made by researchers from the University of Vermont.

Junior and Langereis – this is the name given to new blood types. It turned out that these groups are quite rare and are found in some Americans, in a fairly large number of Japanese and, also, in European gypsies. To date, about 50,000 Japanese are known to have Rh-negative Junior blood.

According to scientists, the discovery of new groups was a complete surprise for them. Although previously, various researchers have repeatedly expressed their views on the presence of another 10 – 15 types. New species were identified thanks to another discovery – two proteins ABCB6 and ABCG2, located on the surface of red blood cells.

“Until recently, 30 proteins responsible for

One of the blood cells looks like a heart. 3D render.

the blood group were identified, but now their number has increased to 32. The last such discovery was made 10 years ago. Both identified proteins are associated with the body’s resistance to anticancer drugs, so the results of the study can be used to improve methods of treating cancer (in particular, breast cancer),” said Brian Ballif, the head of the study.

It is noteworthy that doctors first encountered the antigens of newly discovered groups 10 years ago when they studied the problems of some pregnant women. Future women in labor experienced difficulties in carrying the fetus due to incompatible blood types. However, the genetic basis of the antigens could not be identified at that time.

Today it becomes clear why in some cases there were problems with blood transfusion, incompatibility between mother and fetus, as well as rejection after organ transplantation.