Vegans and raw foodists fell into disgrace

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expanded the list of mental illnesses. Now it includes vegetarianism and a raw food diet. Such gastronomic preferences require the immediate intervention of a psychiatrist. From now on, vegetarians and raw foodists can officially be called people with mental di

sorders. WHO specialists classified their ailments in group F63.8 (other disorders of habits and drives).

It is reported that the formal reason for the inclusion of these dietary plans in the list of diseases was the case in the Spanish city of Malaga. A family of raw foodists with a strict diet brought their children to a coma. It was only thanks to the vigilance of the neighbors that the children were saved – they called an ambulance. Raw food parents were sent for compulsory treatment to a psychiatric clinic, depriving them of the right to see their children.

Note that doctors have long treated orthorexia as a mental disorder (a pathological passion for a healthy lifestyle).

Also last year, WHO officially included love in the list of mental illnesses. The new disease was assigned the number F63.9. Love is recognized as a disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially included love in the list of mental illnesses. The new disease was assigned the number F63.9. WHO representatives ranked love for mental disorders in the item “Disorder of habits and inclinations” and assigned the international code of the disease – F 63.9. Now love is among such diseases as alcoholism, gambling, substance abuse, kleptomania.

The disease has its own symptoms: obsessive thoughts about a person, mood swings, self-pity, insomnia, impulsive behavior, blood pressure surges, headaches, allergic reactions, obsession syndrome. However, disagreements have already arisen about the official recognition of a strong feeling as a disease. So, if the Russian psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov agreed that love can seize a person to the point of fanaticism, and that it was deservedly included in the category of diseases, but the psychiatrist Pavel Borovikov assured that there is still no such cipher in the international classification of diseases.

An employee of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Montemayor Flores, noted that for physiological reasons, love cannot last more than 4 years.