What snoring and family quarrels will tell

In our body, everything is interconnected – and many of the most unexpected signs at first glance can tell us about the presence of certain diseases. Recently, scientists have published a list of six hidden symptoms by which each person can diagnose the presence of problems with the functioning of the heart.

If the symptoms below are observed in you, then this is a good reason, without putting off the matter indefinitely, you should make an appointment with a doctor.

1. Sexual dysfunction.

Of course, when this happens, heart health is the last thing a person thinks about. However, even taking into account the fact that the mechanisms of functioning of the genital organs in men and women are different – in both cases they can be due to defects in the work of the heart muscle of a very different nature, as a result of which normal blood circulation is disturbed.

2. Baldness in men

The same reason is a violation of blood circulation. The genitals and the surface of the head are the first places that begin to suffer from a lack of blood supply. Oxygen and necessary substances do not reach the bulbs, as a result of which they begin to die. With the aggravation of the problem, the sign is also aggravated that the word equally applies to the previous paragraph.

3. Snoring and apnea

Such symptoms, through a long chain of complex biological processes, are associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes, as well as relatively high blood pressure levels, which in turn can stimulate the development of heart disease. In any case, breathing problems during sleep, although they are perceived today as something normal, are in fact indicators of the presence of problems in the body.

4. Migraines

The presence of a headache is a vasospasm. And today it is generally accepted that a spasm in one part of the body can subsequently stimulate a spasm in another part of the body. If you experience unexplained severe headaches at least twice a month, this means that you have a relatively higher risk of developing heart disease compared to the standard indicators.

5. Eating food from disposable tableware

It’s simple – a person who often uses disposable tableware has about twice the risk of developing heart disease than someone who prefers to eat from normal plates and drink from ordinary glasses.

6. Frequent family quarrels

Not every stress can affect the state of our heart https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart. Frequent and severe quarrels with a loved one is a major risk factor for the development of heart disease. There is nothing to talk about breakups and partings – they can generally lead to a “broken heart syndrome”, which, by the way, is quite real.